Sertoma Hearing Aid Loaner Bank

 SERTOMA HEARING AID BANK provides one refurbished BTE hearing aid to individuals age 65 and older

Second hearing aid can be requested for a cost of $85 payable to Sertoma at the time of hearing aid fitting.

Earmolds are dispensed through provider and billed directly to patient at an average cost of $50 per earmold

Applications available at

(or click here for application)

Send application to:          

Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Attn Heather Pucket
200 S Silber Room
North Platte NE 69101

Toll Free - 1-800-545-6244 v/tty
Fax – (402) 742-2357
E-Mail –

Toll Free - 1-800-545-6244 v/tty Fax – (402) 742-2357
E-Mail –

After approval is granted, providers should send the following:

Letter of approval, audiogram, whether monaural or binaural fitting, and list of preferred manufacturers to:

            Sertoma Hearing Aid Bank
            204 Barkley Memorial Center
            P.O. Box 830731
            Lincoln, NE 68583-0731

Out-of-warranty repairs are at a cost of $85 to patient and come with a one-year warranty


For more information please email: or call 402-472-0043

Sertoma will graciously accept donations of ALL hearing aids regardless of function, style, or age of instrument.  A tax deduction letter will be mailed to donor if name and address are included with donated items. Please send all donated items to the Barkley Memorial Center.

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