Faculty Listing

Barlow, Steven M. Professor, Room 272, neurobiology
Bernthal, John E. Professor, Emeritus: phonological disorders, administrative and professional issues
Beukelman, David R. Professor, Room 118: augmentative and alternative communication, motor speech disorders, cleft palate
Boney, Stephen J. Assistant Professor of Practice, Room 349: rehabilitation audiology
Carrell, Tom D. Associate Professor, Room 357: speech science, speech perception
Cress, Cynthia J. Associate Professor, Room 202B: augmentative and alternative communication, language development and disorders, early intervention
Davis, Alicia M. Lecturer, Room 274: language and literacy relationships, adolescent and adult language/learning disabilities
Decker, T. Newell Professor, Emeritus: auditory physiology, auditory electrophysiology
Ditmar, Hannah  
Duppong Hurley, Kristin Associate Research Professor, Room 247E: emotional and behavioral disorders, program evaluation, assessing quality treatment implementation
Eccarius, Malinda Assistant Professor of Practice, Room 202H: academic assessment, curriculum development
Epstein, Michael H. Professor, Room 202F:  behavioral disorders, early intervention for at-risk students, juvenile justice, school and community safety
Farrand, Diane Lecturer, Interim Speech-Lanugage Clinic Coordinator, Room 253B: language and literacy, craniofacial disorders, and aural rehabilitation
Healey, E. Charles Professor, Room 353: stuttering and fluency disorders, voice disorders
Hebert, Michael Assistant Professor, Room 318Q: literacy and writing
Honaker, Julie Assistant Professor, Room 272: balance, vestibular audiology
Hux, Karen A. Professor, Room 351: acquired language disorder, aphasia and cognitive-communication deficits
Jones, Sherri M. Professor, Department Chair, Room 301: audiology, auditory and vestibular physiology, vestibular assessment
Jones, Timothy A. Professor, Room 304; physiology, pharmacology and development of hearing and balance organs
Kemp, Sue Associate Professor of Practice, Room 359: behavioral management and instructional methodology, student teacher supervisor.
Lambert, Matthew Assistant Professor, Room 273; quantitative research methods, measurement, and assessment
Maag, John W. Professor, Room 202D: behavioral disorders, cognitive-behavioral assessment and intervention
Marvin, Christine A Associate Professor, Room 253C: infant & preschool-age language & literacy disabilities, family centered early intervention, home-visiting and preschool programs
Meers, Gary D. Professor, Room 318B:  vocational education, transition
Menefee, Kevin L. Senior Lecturer, Room 253G: clinical and school psychology, educational and psychological evaluation, intervention and consultation
Morehouse, Toni B. Lecturer, Room 253K: phonological and motor speech disorders in children, early intervention
Nelson, Ron J. Professor, Room 247B: behavioral and learning disorders of children; school-wide and individualized positive behavioral intervention and support systems
Oliver, Regina Assistant Professor of Practice, Room 247D: school-wide and individualized positive behavioral intervention and support systems
Peterson, Reece L. Professor, Room 202A: teaching behaviorally disordered students, public policy in special education, school violence
Ray, Stacie Assistant Professor of Practice, Room 115: audiology
Reid, Robert C. Professor, Room 202L: mainstreaming, attention deficit disorders
Rupp, Dyann Lecturer, Room 253D: Childhood Apraxia of Speech and severe speech sound disorders
Sanger, Dixie D. Professor, Room 318J: child and adolescent language development and disorders assessment and intervention services for language impaired children and youth
Savaiano, Mackenzie Assistant Professor of Practice, Room 274, visual impairments
Siegel, Ellin B. Associate Professor, Room 355: severe disabilities, multiple handicaps, augmentative and alternative communication, beginning communication, preschool intervention
Splattstoesser, Deanne Lecturer, Room 344:  language disorders in children and their effect on communication, behavior, and learning
Vasa, Stanley F. Professor Emeritus: mildly disabled, transition, paraeducator training
Vijayakumar, Sarath Research Assistant Professor, Room 303: inner ear research
Trout, Alexandra Associate Research Professor, Room 247F: intervention for emotional and behavioral disorders
Wacker, Kelly Assistant Professor of Practice, Hearing Clinic Coordinator, Room 116: amplification, auditory brainstem response audiometry, otoacoustic emissions
Weissling, Kristy S.E. Assistant Professor of Practice, Room 277: adult acquired neurogenic communication disorders; augmentative communication, cognitive communication disorders, adult developmental disorders
Willman, Amy Lecturer, Room 318K: American Sign Language, deaf education