photo of Toni Morehouse

Toni B. Morehouse

Mail to: 253K Barkley Center 
Lincoln, NE 68583-0731
Telephone: (402) 472-5471
FAX: (402) 472-3814

Toni B. Morehouse, MA, L-CCC-SLP is a licensed, certified speech-language pathologist and Board Recognized Specialist in Child Language.  Her areas of clinical expertise include phonological and motor speech disorders, child language disorders, and autism spectrum disorders.

She teaches the undergraduate phonology and methods courses at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and supervises graduate clinicians at the Barkley Memorial Center Speech-Language Clinic. To provide specialized clinical training as well as meet the needs of young children with communication challenges, Ms. Morehouse has developed a number of clinical programs at UNL, including: Preschool Communication Program, Kindergarten Transition Group, Parent-Toddler Program, ASD Social Communication Program, and Speedy Speech Clubs for preschool children with significant speech sound disorders.

Ms. Morehouse has served as Treasurer and President of the Nebraska Speech-Language-Hearing Association; Member of the Council of State Association Presidents; Secretary of the Nebraska Board of Examiners in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology; President of the Nebraska Speech-Language-Hearing Endowment Fund; Inaugural Cadre Advisor for the Specialty Board on Child Language; and Secretary for the Executive Committee of the Nebraska State Stroke Association.