Pre-Professional Program

The undergraduate program in Communication Disorders, a preprofessional degree, introduces you to the many facets of the profession and prepares you for professional study at the masters level in Speech-Language Pathology or for the Au.D. in audiology.  Undergraduate course work focuses on normal aspects of speech, language, and hearing.  During the junior and senior years, undergraduates receive an introduction to communication disorders.


Requirements for Admission

• Students must apply for admission to the preprofessional program on or before Sept 15 and February 1.
• Students can be recommended on the basis of having earned a 3.2 average GPA or better in SPLA 150, 250, 251, and 271.
• Student cumulative GPA should be 3.2 or better.
• The Divisional Review Committee will make a decision about each applicant.  All students' folders will be forwarded for review by a committee prior to acceptance into the program.  In some instances personal interviews may be requested.
• If reapplying, the student must have two (2) faculty recommendations and respond to the question, "What circumstances or issues have changed to justify your reapplication?"
• Reapplications must also meet the Sept 15 or February 1 deadlines.

Class rosters in SPLA 300 and 400 level courses will be checked against a list of individuals accepted into the program.  The Undergraduate Academic Advisor will forward to the faculty a list of students who are admitted and each instructor will check this list against the class roster.  Individuals who are not admitted will be denied a seat in the class unless they receive permission from the Review Committee.  Any exceptions to this policy will require a petition to be submitted to the Department Chair.