The Department of Special Education and Communication Disorders includes professors from diverse academic backgrounds. The majority of the Speech-Language Pathology graduate faculty are licensed by the State of Nebraska and hold Certificates of Clinical Competence in Speech-Language Pathology from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.
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Speech-Language Pathology Faculty

John E. Bernthal, Ph.D - Emeritus Professor, Chair of the Department and Director of the Barkley Center: phonological disorders; administrative and professional issues

David R. Beukelman, Ph.D. - Professor: augmentative and alternative communication; motor speech disorders

Tom D. Carrell, Ph.D. - Associate Professor: speech science; speech perception

Cynthia Cress, Ph.D - Associate Professor: augmentative and alternative communication; language development and disorders; early intervention

Alicia Davis, M.S. - Lecturer, language and literacy relationships, adolescent and adult language/learning disabilities

Diane Farrand, Ed.S - Lecturer, language disorders; effects of language disorders in literacy development

E. Charles Healey, Ph.D - Professor: stuttering and fluency disorders; voice disorders

Karen A. Hux, Ph.D. - Associate Professor: acquired language disorders; aphasia and cognitive-communication deficits.

Kevin Menefee, Ph.D. - Clinical and school psychology; educational and psychological evaluation, intervention, and consultation

Toni Morehouse, M.A. - Lecturer, phonological disorders; phonological awareness; child language

Dixie D. Sanger, Ph.D. - Professor: Child and adolescent language development and disorders; assessment and intervention services for language impaired children
and youth

Deanne Splattsoesser, Ed.S. - Lecturer, language disorders in children and their effect on communication, behavior, and learning

Kristy Weissling, M.S. - Lecturer, adult acquired neurogenic communication disorders; augmentative communication; cognitive communication disorders; adult developmental disorders

Amy Willman, M.S. - Lecturer, American Sign Language, deaf education


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