Special Education Faculty

Duppong-Hurley, Kristen-Associate Research Professor: emotional and behavioral disorders, program evaluation, assessing quality treatment implementation

Eccarius, Malinda-Assistant Professor of Practice: deaf and hard of hearing; academic assessment; curriculum development

Epstein, Michael H.-Professor: behavioral disorders; early intervention for at-risk students; juvenile justice; school and community safety

Hebert, Michael-Assistant Professor: literacy and writing

Kemp, Sue-Associate Professor of Practice: behavioral disorders

Maag, John W.- Professor: behavioral disorders; cognitive-behavioral assessment and intervention

Marvin, Christine A.-Associate Professor: infant and preschool-age development and disabilities, speech and language disabilities; family centered services; consultation services; home visiting

Meers, Gary D.-Professor:  vocational education; transition

Nelson, J.Ron-Professor: behavior and learning disorders

Oliver, Regina-Assistant Research Professor: emotional and behavioral disorders, classroom management, teacher preparation, evidence-based practices

Peterson, Reece L.-Professor: teaching behaviorally disordered students; public policy in special education; school violence

Reid, Robert C.-Professor: learning disabilities; mainstreaming; attention deficit disorder

Siegel, Ellin-Associate Professor: severe, multiple handicaps: autism spectrum disorder: augmentative and alternative communication: beginning communication, severe disabilities, preschool intervention

Trout, Alex-Associate Research Professor: intervention for emotional and behavioral disorders

Vasa, Stanley-Emeritus Professor: mild/moderate disabilities, paraeducators, transition