CEHS Research Office

The College of Education and Human Sciences Research Office is here to provide information and services related to the administration of the College's research mission.

Our staff can help with proposal and grant activities, including:

  • Facilitation and Promotion of CEHS Research
  • Scholarly Enhancement
  • Layman Awards
  • IANR
  • Hatch Projects
  • Multi-disciplinary initiatives
  • Proposal Budget Preparation
  • Proposal Budget Justification
  • Proposal Routing Form Preparation
  • Proposal Routing Form Processing
  • Conflict of Interest Form Processing
  • Proposal Submission Follow-Up
  • Award Personnel Activity Reports (PAR's)
  • Award Compliance
  • Personnel and Order Processing
  • Scholarly Enhancement Budgets
  • Budget Modification
  • Account Reconciliation Reports

Research and Grant Support Team
For help with Pre-award activities (e.g., budget preparation & justification, proposal routing, etc.) please contact:

Ronda Alexander image

Ronda Alexander
CEHS Grants Specialist

Julie Catalina
CEHS Grants Specialist

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Jon Carlson
Grants Specialist

For all other issues please contact:

Jon Pedersen

Jon Pedersen
Associate Dean and Professor

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