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27 Apr 2016    

Partnering to integrate technology and teaching

Preparing the next generation of teachers to effectively use technology in the classroom is the driving force behind Tech EDGE. But it’s not the only objective. The initiative of the Department of Teaching, Learning and Teacher Education is stretching across Nebraska and making an impact as far away as China.

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27 Apr 2016    

Eating our way to health

Janos Zempleni says there’s no magic bullet to solve the obesity epidemic in America. But research he leads as director of the Nebraska Center for Prevention of Obesity Diseases through Dietary Molecules (NPOD), may make a serious dent in a problem that costs billions of dollars a year in related healthcare costs.

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27 Apr 2016    

The secret to happiness

The secret to happiness. It’s something we’d all like to discover. If there was a top ten list for secrets to happiness, it might include money, power, family, faith or attitude. Instead, a new undergraduate class in the Department of Educational Psychology is using the approach of positive psychology to equip students with a set of tools that can help them discover a path to personal well-being and happiness.

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27 Apr 2016    

Combating poverty starts with awareness

Victory in America’s war on poverty continues to be elusive. The ongoing battle is waged on many fronts across the country, but the impact on children is especially concerning. The statistics are painfully clear that children who grow up in poverty often struggle to find success in school, and as a result, are economically challenged in their adult lives. It’s a pattern that is tough to break.

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27 Apr 2016    

CYAF study abroad changing lives

Most of us realize that the world has shrunk immeasurably in the last century. With the technology advancements of travel, communications and the internet, we are a much more connected world. But that doesn’t mean our connections are instantly easier. Differences in culture and language remain a barrier to better relationships and our ability to help others. That is why the Department of Child, Youth and Family Studies (CYAF) is dedicated to developing cultural and global competence in all its students.

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27 Apr 2016    

Runway show featured Earth, Wind and Fire

Earth, Wind and Fire made an appearance at the Department of Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design’s (TMFD) biennial runway fashion show on April 22 at the Nebraska Union. No, it wasn’t the hit band of the 1970s. With a shout out to environmental sustainability, the student organizers played off Earth Day (April 22) and named the 2016 show “Elements,” after the classical pre-scientific elements of the earth.

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27 Apr 2016    

40 years under one roof

On the southeast edge of East Campus, the Barkley Memorial Center has stood for 40 years as the home for programs in audiology, speech-language pathology and special education. Earlier this month, the Department of Special Education and Communication Disorders (SECD) hosted an open house and reunion to mark the Barkley Center’s 40th anniversary.

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