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I need to apply for my first teaching certificate.

How To Apply For Your Nebraska Teaching Certificate

1. Apply online at: - and click on "On-Line Application." Payment can be made by credit/debit card.

2. If you have not been a continuous Nebraska resident for the past 5 years, pick up fingerprint cards and instructions from Diane, 116 Henzlik.

Additional information

Undergraduate students:
Once your student teaching grades/degree are posted, UNL will send your signed Institutional Recommendation, transcripts and PPST scores to the NDE so that your Nebraska teaching certificate can be processed. (If you receive correspondence from the NDE that they are missing these items, please let them know WHEN you will be graduating and that UNL will send these items at that time.)

Post-Baccalaureate Initial Certification/Graduate Students:
Contact Diane (unless you have signed up for an Institutional Recommendation to be sent at Professional Development Day), 472-8623, any time during the semester prior to program completion to request that an Institutional Verification be processed to the NDE for you once grades post.  You will need to provide your full name, student ID #, and the endorsement(s) that you are completing.  YOU are responsible for ordering a UNL transcript (107 Canfield or FAX to 472-8220) to be sent to the NDE once student teaching grades/degrees are posted.  Official transcripts from all institutions that you have attended should be sent to the NDE if those classes do not appear on your UNL transcript.

I need to renew my teaching certificate.

How To Renew Your Nebraska Teaching Certificate

1. Apply to the Graduate College

Admission to the UNL Graduate College:
You will need to make application as an non-degree graduate student. (Graduate Studies, 1100 Seaton Hall, 472-2878,

2. Decide whether the Nebraska Department of Education will require you to take 6 hours or 15 hours [ (402) 471-0739 ]

6 credit hours is required for:

  • Currently certified teachers who within five years prior to date of application have not taught two consecutive years in the same school district at least half-time in their endorsed area(s).
  • Those teachers whose certificates have expired less than 5 years.

Choose 6 graduate hours from:

  • Teaching, Learning & Teacher Education (TEAC)
  • Educational Psychology (EDPS)
  • Special Education & Communication Disorders (SPED or SLPA)
  • Child, Youth and Family Studies (CYAF)
  • or your endorsement area.

Human Relations Training Requirement:

  • If you have not previously taken a human relations training course, one must be included in your renewal program. We offer TEAC 861 each semester for this purpose. This course would be a part of (not in addition to) your 6-hour or 15-hour program.

3. If you need to take 15 hours, you will need to contact Diane Sealock to determine which courses will be appropriate in each of the categories.

15 credit hours is required for:

  • Those teachers whose certificates have expired more than 5 years.

The Nebraska Department of Education requires that you complete:

  • A course in instructional techniques.
  • A practicum consisting of 100 clock hours of contact with students in the classroom setting.
  • A course which addresses current issues in education, such as special education, gifted education, reading and writing in the content area, and school law.
  • Course work directly related to the applicant's area of endorsement.

Contact Diane Sealock @ 472-8623 or for assistance in determining which courses would be appropriate in each of the four categories.

4. Complete all required coursework.

We offer appropriate classes on-line at as well as classes that meet one night/week on campus during fall and spring semesters and daytime in the summer. You can find a link to the schedule of classes on the Graduate Studies web page.

Out-of-State Teachers:
If the Nebraska Department of Education has determined that you need to meet the State of Nebraska's requirements for either mainstreaming or human relations training, we offer these classes each semester:

  • Mainstreaming: SPED 801A (Elementary) or SPED 801B (Secondary)
  • Human Relations Training: TEAC 861

5. Complete the Application for the Nebraska Educator Certificate

  • Apply online at:
    (Note: You will need to direct payment to the NDE at the time you apply)
  • Complete an Institutional Recommendation form (name and social security number only) and turn it in to Dr. Tom Wandzilak, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 104 Henzlik, P.O. Box 880371, Lincoln, NE 68588-0371. Or fax to 472-1701

6. Order a transcript

You are responsible for ordering a UNL transcript (107 Canfield or fax to 472-8220) to be sent to the NDE once student teaching grades/degrees are posted.

Contact Us

Tom Wandzilak

Tom Wandzilak
Certification Officer
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104 Henzlik Hall

Diane Sealock

Diane Sealock
Staff Assistant
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116 Henzlik Hall