Deb Mullen

Greetings from Deb Mullen, Associate Dean

On Behalf of the faculty, staff and students of the College of Education and Human Sciences I want to say "Welcome!" and thank you for selecting both UNL and our college.  As you will discover, we have a lot to offer, and are looking forward to sharing our strengths with you.  Whether this is your first semester in college or you are transferring from another institution please take the time to get to get to know your advisor, make a comprehensive plan for graduation, and explore the out of class opportunities designed to support what you are learning and doing in class.  By looking through our web site you'll find important information about everything from student organizations to research opportunities.  It's worth your time to examine the host of ways you can turn your talent into cutting edge experiences.

As you can see from our mission, we are devoted to enhancing the lives of individuals, schools and communities, ant to strengthening the relationships among them.  Further, we want you to graduate with the capacity of focus on strengths, to think from a professional perspective (honoring both empirical evidence and personal observation) and to being committed to a career characterized by ethical decision-making.  We are prepared to help you realize this mission and your personal capacities within it.  We want you to succeed.  Please don't hesitate to ask for assistance in reaching these goals.

If you have questions feel free to stop by our Advising Center located in Henzlik Hall, talk to a member of the Faculty, visit my office, or ask the Dean.  As you will see, Dean Kostelnik keeps evening office hours on both East and City Campus.  She would enjoy meeting with you.

We wish you success as you begin your career with us.  Remember, you’re not alone in this journey.  As members of this college we are committed to providing you with excellent academic opportunities and co-curricular experiences that will enhance your life and career.  Ask questions, take risks, try out new ideas, and make the most of the opportunity!

I look forward to meeting you.

Deb Mullen, Ph.D.
Associate Dean
College of Education and Human Sciences