All teacher education applicants must complete a competency examination, as required by the Nebraska Department of Education. CEHS students take the PPST, which measures basic skills in reading, writing, and mathematics and is designed to determine if applicants are ready academically to pursue education studies. Please click the links below to learn about the test and how to complete it.

PPST Frequently Asked Questions

How are PPST results used?

CEHS uses the test to help make admission decisions to the teacher education program. Additionally, the Nebraska Department of Education uses the test as part of the certification process.

How is the PPST given?

There are two ways to take the test: paper and pencil, or on a computer. Both cover the same subjects (reading, writing, and mathematics), and you may choose either format as best suits your preference and schedule. Both tests are administered locally. The tests are given in English only.

  • Paper-based tests are offered throughout the year on Saturdays and are held in Henzlik Hall. Register online. You may contact Joyce Richter for the most current test dates but you will still need to register online. The paper-based test requires approximately 2 hours to complete. Reading and mathematics are tested using multiple-choice questions; the written test is a handwritten essay on a predetermined topic. You will receive results in 4-6 weeks.

  • Computer-based tests are offered Monday through Saturday, year-round at Sylvan Learning Centers in Lincoln, Omaha, and Columbus. You must reregister for these tests either by calling one of the Centers, or you can register online. The computer-based test uses the same multiple-choice format as the paper-based test, but questions are given one at a time. The essay is written using a keyboard. Reading and mathematics scores are reported to you as soon as you finish the test. The written test results take 3-4 weeks to receive.

What scores do I need to pass?

Reading: 170
Writing: 172
Mathematics: 171

How much does the PPST cost?

Cost varies depending on the testing format you choose and how many of the three tests you are taking. As of 4/48/09, the paper-based test is $170 for all three tests; the computer-based test is $130 for all three tests. For more information, please contact Joyce Richter.

Where do I send my test results?

Your test fee includes multiple copies of your results. You will automatically receive a copy for your own records.

For the paper-based test, send copies to:

  • UNL
  • Nebraska Department of Education
  • Any other college you may apply to
  • You will receive a copy automatically

For the computer-based test, send copies to:

  • UNL
  • Any other college you may apply to
  • Both you and the Nebraska Department of Education will receive copies automatically

How do I review for the tests?

There are three ways to review for the tests.

1. Use the PLATO Web Learning Network ( Download Instructions ).

2. Use the Praxis I Study Guide.

  • Check out the Guide from 105 Henzlik Hall with a $35 deposit.
  • Love Library has the Guide for in library use only.
  • University Bookstore sells copies of the Guide.

3. Download free Tests at a Glance from Educational Testing Services.

PPST Testing Dates

These are the the testing and registration deadline dates for the paper based PPST test.

9/18/10 (Register by 8/19/10)

11/13/10 (Register by 10/14/10)

1/15/11 (Register by 12/16/10)

3/12/11 (Register by 2/10/11)

Register Online at