CYAF - Journalism & Mass Communication

Challenging ... stimulating... creative: Child, Youth and Family Studies/Journalism and Mass Communications prepares students for an exciting profession in broadcasting, advertising or news editing. This option combines a background in family science with skills in writing, speaking and/or designing publications or advertising. This is a joint program between CYAF and the UNL College of Journalism and Mass Communications.

UNL Points of Distinction

  1. Internships are a required component of every program.
  2. Internships are set up with agencies or businesses that can use a student's journalism talent.
  3. Strong advising helps students with their academic program and potential careers.
  4. The only program in the state accredited by the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS).
  5. Students can participate in a nationally recognized professional organization, the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences (AAFCS), and have opportunities to attend local, state, and national meetings of the organization.


This program combines a broad background in child, youth and family studies with one area of journalism (advertising, news editorial or broadcasting). Possible careers include:

  • Advertising Coordinator
  • Newspaper Reporting/Editing
  • Magazine Reporting/Editing
  • International-Director of Program Funding
  • Communications firm representative
  • Freelance reporter/ writer
  • Broadcaster