Educational Administration - Student Affairs Administration

Educational Administration - Student Affairs Administration Master of Arts (M.A.)

The student affairs administration specialization is an on-campus program, beginning in the fall semester, designed for students that will be enrolled full-time for two consecutive academic years and hold graduate assistantships.

This program is a unique, two-year Master's Preparation program for Student Affairs Professionals with an emphasis on active learning. Students complete and defend a thesis (Option 1) or complete six credit hours of electives (Option 3). If accepted you receive:

  1. Full tuition waiver and stipend
  2. Majority of premiums of a comprehensive health insurance program covered
  3. Specialized Seminar Class given exclusively to our students, providing opportunities to interact with faculty members and student affairs professionals
  4. Close interactions and mentor relationships formed with professors
  5. The tight bond you have with your cohort and the others in the program, built-in friends and support system from the start

Frequently Asked Questions

Application to this program

Timeline for Application for 2017 cohort:

  1. December 1 – Graduate Studies and Department of Educational Administration application deadline (GAMES application) 
  2. February 4 – tentative date candidates will be notified for an on-campus interview 
  3. February 9-10, 2017 - On-campus interviews
  4. March 15 – students will be notified of the final status of their application
  5. April 15 – selected students must notify the Department of Educational Administration of their decision to attend UNL and accept their assistantship

Application Requirements

Complete the graduate studies application (GAMES application) by December 1st. Failure to submit all transcripts, letters of recommendation, and resume materials will result in the application not being reviewed.

The following three materials should also be submitted by December 1st:

  1. Create a statement of interest. In addition to addressing why you are applying to this program, explicitly state three things you hope to gain from the program.  (max 500 words or 3 minutes)
  2. Please discuss how your experiences, social identities, and/or beliefs will contribute to a diverse cohort. (max 500 words or 3 minutes of audio or video)
  3. Respond to one of the following questions (max 500 words or 3 minutes)
    1. Tell us about at least one experience you have had interacting with people different from you, what you learned about yourself and others, and how if at all you changed through each experience. Include any information that reflects your commitment to social justice.
    2. Describe one meaningful experience where what you knew previously was challenged.  Share what you learned about yourself and others from that experience.

For the statement of interest and additional questions a written statement, video, or image can be provided as the method of response.  If you chose to provide an image, you may want to include a 1- page statement or a 1-minute video explaining what it means to you.


Degree Requirements

Degree:  Master of Arts     
Major: Educational Administration 
Specialization:  Student Affairs Administration

Fall Semester (10 hours)

            EDAD 879 Introduction to Student Affairs (3)

            EDAD 842 College Students in America (3)

            EDAD 800 Foundations of Research & Methods of Inquiry in Educational Administration (3)

             EDAD 966 Student Affairs Seminar (1)

Spring Semester (10 hours)

            EDAD 843 Counseling Principles for Educational Leaders (3)

            EDAD 840 College Student Development (3)

            EDADXXX Evaluation and Assessment for Student Affairs Educators (3)

            EDAD 966 Student Affairs Seminar (1)

Summer Sessions - Internship and Possible Summer Elective Options (6 hrs of summer tuition provided with assistantship)

            EDAD 998: Student Affairs Internship (3)

Fall Semester (10 hours)

            EDAD 922 Finance in Higher Ed (3)

            EDAD 830 Administrative Theories in Educational Organizations (3)

            EDAD 899 Master’s Thesis (option 1) OR Elective in consultation with advisor (option 3) (3)

            EDAD 966 Student Affairs Seminar (1)

Spring Semester (10 hours)                                  

            EDAD 925 Law and Higher Ed (3)

            EDAD 832 Higher Education in America (3)

            EDAD 899 Master’s Thesis (option 1) OR Elective in consultation with advisor (option 3) (3)

            EDAD 966 Student Affairs Seminar (1)

Total Credit Hours = 43