Counseling and School Psychology Clinic

The mission of the Counseling and School Psychology Clinic is to improve educational, social, emotional, and behavioral functioning and interactions of individuals, families, groups and counseling/therapy, consultation, and education.

The Counseling and School Psychology Clinic conducts psychological and educational evaluations of children and youth to address referral questions from parents/caregivers and or schools. In addition, clinic therapists provide individual child and adult therapy to address a wide range of referral concerns.

Assessment domains include intellectual and cognitive functioning, academic functioning, socioemotional and behavioral functioning, adaptive behavior, ecological/setting assessment, and instructional assessment, depending on the referral questions. Assessments will include multiple approaches, multiple measures, multiple information sources (child, parents, teachers), and multiple contexts (home, school, Clinic).

The Clinic serves as an education and training site (in research, teaching/supervision, and outreach) for graduate students in the School and Counseling Psychology programs Department of Educational Psychology.

Graduate students provide services under the direct supervision of program faculty and clinical associates as part of practicum courses and experiences, as well as supervised assistantships. Services are provided in the Clinic and in the schools and communities where clients and consultees are working and living.

Faculty and graduate students collaborate on applied research that advances the knowledge of service delivery and the functioning of individuals, families, groups and systems. Such research may also involve multidisciplinary and collaborative research partnerships with professionals throughout the college and university, and in schools and communities.

Contact Information

Counseling and School Psychology Clinic
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Educational Psychology
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