Graduate Areas of Study

In the Department of Educational Psychology you will find nationally recognized programs of study with strong ties to research and professional practice.

More importantly, you'll find faculty who are ready to assist you in developing your talents and achieving your academic and professional goals.

Please take a moment to explore the extensive offerings in:

  • Cognition, Learning and Development (CLD)
  • Counseling Psychology
  • Quantitative, Qualitative, and Psychometric Methods (QQPM)
  • School Psychology

For assistance with these or any other Graduate Program in Education, please consult with our Graduate Support Services staff.

The Graduate School Bulletin, including course descriptions may be found at:

Online Graduate Course Offerings

PBasic Research Methodology
  • EDPS 800 - Foundations of Educational Research

Quantitative Methods

  • EDPS 859 - Statistical Methods
  • EDPS 860 - Applications of Selected Advanced Statistics
  • EDPS 900D - Survey Methods in Educational Research

Qualitative Methods

  • EDPS 900K - Qualitative Approaches in Educational Research
  • EDPS 935 - Qualitative Research
  • EDPS 936 - Mixed Methods Research

If you are in a degree program you may register through WAM!

For non-degree students you must first apply to the Graduate College. In the application's Part III: Admission Objective select the radio button 'Non-Degree, Post-Baccalaureate'. Once the Graduate College has approved your application you will receive a student ID number that will allow you to register through WAM!