Cognition, Learning, and Development

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Our Cognition, Learning and Development (CLD) program offers masters and doctoral degrees to individuals interested in a wide range of issue including: best practices for instruction, the use of technology in education, disability issues, peer relationships among children, and studying tobacco and alcohol use.

Students may focus their studies on cognition, learning, developmental or health behavior. The Health Behavior option is focused on the psychological aspects of health behavior, models and theories of behavior change, how to develop a multi-dimensional behavior change program and how to measure program effects. In addition, for individuals interested supervising university and college learning centers there is a College Learning Center option.

Past graduates work in university settings, consulting firms, and state and government agencies. Cognition, Learning, and Development (CLD) is an interdisciplinary program, housed in the Department of Educational Psychology on the campus of the University of Nebraska in Lincoln. There is a strong focus on both basic theory and research on human knowing, thinking, learning, and development across the lifespan, and the application of such theory and research to issues of educational policy and practice. In addition to rigorous coursework, the Program emphasizes ongoing involvement in research and active experiences in a range of educational settings, from schools to the workplace.


A series of significant discoveries on a broad range of fronts from cognitive science to brain research, from situated learning to instructional design have made it increasingly possible to determine how to best facilitate the learning process in a wide range of settings from schools to the workplace. At the same time, a deeper understanding of human development enables us to work more effectively with learners of all psychological, social and cultural backgrounds, to maximize their learning potential.

The Mission of the CLD Program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is aimed at responding to these broad needs and societal challenges with a variety of tools and pedagogic experiences designed to reflect the richness, complexity, and diversity of the field of Educational Psychology.


Applications for the Cognition, Learning, and Development program are considered three times a year:
- January 15th (early consideration
   for Fall)
- May 1st (Fall)*
- October 1st (Spring)

*For full consideration for financial aid please use the January 15th deadline.