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Educational Psychology

Center for Instructional Innovation (CII)

With a staff research professors, postdoctoral fellows, graduate assistants, and staff, CII brings a wide range of expertise to instructional design and evaluation projects, including cognitive psychology, language and literacy, computer science, evaluation, and web design.

CII maintains a state-of-the-art research laboratory at UNL at 125 Mabel Lee Hall; the laboratory space includes the Accommodation Resource Center, which provides technology-based support to individuals with disabilities. Current Projects range from basic research on cognition and motivation to applied research and evaluation activities on web-based and other forms of distance education.

It provides evaluation and research support to projects funded by NSF, U. S. Department of Education, and other government agencies and groups.


The Center for Instructional Innovation, which was established at the University of Nebraska in1993 through Regental action, was formed to ". . . apply basic research from cognitive psychology, linguistics, and cognitive science to the design and evaluation of educational practices in the nation's schools."

The Center maintains a state-of-the-art research laboratory on the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus, which is used for conducting basic research on cognitive processes and applied research on technology-based educational interventions.

Since its creation, the Center has developed a strong program of research and evaluation activities aimed at fulfilling its mission. Among its funded research and development projects are the Classroom Access Through Technology project at UNL, the Explorers and WhyWrite Projects of the Omaha Public Schools, and the Observational Learning and Literacy Development project.

The Center for Instructional Innovation also plays a key role in evaluating several major educational initiatives in Nebraska funded by federal agencies and foundations. It currently serves as the primary evaluator for the NSF-supported Nebraska Math and Science Initiative; the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) grant to UNL for instructional innovation in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Geology; the Star Schools CLASS Project; and the U. S. West/NSEA Teacher Network Project.


Associated Staff and Faculty

Roger Bruning
Christy Horn

Research Professors
Amy N. Spiegel
Lisa Pytlik Zillig

Graduate Students
Mike Dempsey
Stephanie Sic

Staff Support
Barbara Robertson