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Special Education & Communication Disorders

College of Education & Human Sciences

The Fluency Companion

Strategies for Stuttering Intervention
Karin L. Johnson & Barbara A. Heinze

Includes: Fluency Information Manual
Skill Area: Fluency
Ages: 3-18

Purpose of this Book
The Fluency Companion  is not a therapy approach, although it provides guidelines for selecting appropriate approaches. It gives you general background information on fluency and fluency disorders. It also includes information, materials, and ideas for programming, assessing, educating, counseling, and gathering data.

Overview of Contents
Chapter 1: General Information
        Types of Fluency Disorders
        Theories of Causation
        How Stuttering Develops
        Application of Theories
Chapter 2: Educational Programs for Group Presentation
Chapter 3: Assessment and Diagnosis of Fluency Disorders
Chapter 4: Intervention for Children with Borderline Disfluencies
Chapter 5: Intervention for Children with Stuttering Disorders
        Therapy Approaches
        Programming for Early Childhood
        Programming for Middle Childhood to Middle Adolescence
        Programming for Middle to Late Adolescence
        Programming for the Person with Combined Disorders
        Modifications for Eliciting Forward Flowing Speech
        Modifications for Initiating Word Production
Chapter 6: Family Support for Children with Stuttering Disorders
Chapter 7:  School Support
Appendix: Forms and Guidelines, Handouts and Overheads, Home Letters