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Special Education & Communication Disorders

College of Education & Human Sciences

Fluency At Your Fingertips
Pragmatic and Thematic Therapy Materials

Holly Ridge, M. S., CCC-SLP
Beverly Ray, M .A.

Includes: Manual with Reproducible Activities
Skill Area: Fluency
Age Range: 1st thru 5th grade

Purpose and Philosophy of the program
Fluency  at Your Fingertips  is a source file of realistic communication experiences ranging from word level to daily discourse. The core element of this program is its holistic approach;  the specific fluency skills in each level are learned in the context of daily living situations. Thus, from single words to conversation, the activities encourage maximum student speaking time and are designed to elicit verbal responses that are likely to occur in daily interactions.

Description of Materials
The materials in Fluency at Your Fingertips   are divided into eight levels representing a hierarchy of speech tasks. Each level is further broken down into a sequence of steps. Each level is separated by a divider page that lists the goal, objectives, components, and general alternatives for presenting the activities on that level.  All activities are organized into six core themes --shopping for groceries, going to a restaurant, school interactions, sports, going places, and interactions with family and friends.

Hierarchy of Levels:
1. Word Level
2. Phrase Level
3. Sentence Level
4. Description Level
5. Questions Level
6. Role-Playing Level
7. Discourse Level
8. Telephoning Level
** Maintaining and Extending Fluency lists activities that can be introduced at various stages along the hierarchy. The purpose of these activities is to challenge the client to remain fluent in difficult speaking situations and to transfer fluent speech to new speaking situations.