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Special Education & Communication Disorders

College of Education & Human Sciences

The Fluency Development System for Young Children

Susan Meyers Fosnot, Ph D
Lee L. Woodford, M A

Skill Area: Fluency
Age Range: 2 thru 9 years
Materials: Manual, toys

Overview of the Program
The Fluency Development System for Young Children was designed for direct intervention to remediate the fluency disorder. First, fluency enhancing skills are introduced through carefully planned cognitive exercises that relate to the child's experiential frame of reference. Then, ongoing instruction and group counseling is provided for the individualized needs of each parent-child group in an attempt to modify verbal interactions that may assist in fluency shaping.

Overview of Contents
Unit 1: Review of clinical diagnostic procedures
Unit 2: Reducing stuttering through behavior modification should include cognitive exercises that will:
a) stimulate thinking about stuttering from a child's perspective
b) classify and relate fluency to everyday speaking situations the child can relate to, and
c) generate plans and strategies to maintain fluency of the child in his daily verbal interactions.
Unit 3: The program will assist the reader in:
a) increasing their knowledge-base pertaining to theories and applications of counseling
b) updating information about parent counseling and fluency disorders
c) implementing a model parent counseling program utilizing a team approach.