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Special Education & Communication Disorders

College of Education & Human Sciences

The Freedom of Fluency
An Inspiring Program To Promote Fluency in Adolescents and Adults

David A. Daly

Includes: Therapy Manual, Clinician Tape & Client Tape
Skill Area: Fluency
Developmental Age: 13 years thru Adult
Interest Level: 8th grade thru Adult

Purpose and Philosophy of the Program
The Freedom of Fluency is a program divided into two basic components: a motor-training component and a mental-shift component. According to the author, helping chronic stuttering clients learn fluent speech patterns is not enough. Long-term change requires changing perceptions and attitudes that may be interfering with progress in therapy.

Description of Goals and Activities
Phase 1:  Motor Skill Training
Unit 1: Fluency Targets
Targets deliberate phonation, normal breathing, and easy stretch.
Unit 2: Self-Monitoring
Teaches use of clenched-fist signal, finger-thumb signal, and pressure signal.
Phase 2:  Cognitive and Self-Instructional Strategies
Unit 1: Guided Relaxation
Unit 2: Mental Imagery
Unit 3: Affirmation Training
Unit 4: Self-Talk Strategies
Appendix A: Clinician Tape Exercises
Appendix B: Client Tape Exercises
Suggested Reading for Clients