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Special Education & Communication Disorders

College of Education & Human Sciences

Book Series

The Fluency Center offers the Stuttering Foundation of America Book Series.  These books can be viewed and checked-out in Room 114 at the Barkley Memorial Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln on the East Campus.  The building is located at approximately 43rd and Holdrege Streets.
Advise to Those who Stutter
Counseling Stutterers
Do You Stutter:  A Guide for Teens
If Your Child Stutters:  A Guide for Parents
Self Therapy for the Stutterer
Stuttering and Your Child:  Question and Answers
Stuttering:   Integration of Contemporary Therapies
Sometimes I Just Stutter by Eelco de Geus in Spanish. In Italian.
A Stutterer's Story
Stuttering:  Successes and Failures in Therapy
Stuttering Therapy:  Prevention and Intervention with Children
Stuttering Therapy:  Transfer and Maintenance
Stuttering Treatment of the Young Stutterer in the Schools
Stuttering Words
The Child Who Stutters: To the Pediatrician Download the .pdf
Therapy for Stutterers
Treating the School-Aged Stutterer
To the Stutterer


The Fluency Center has many books written by people who are professionals, consumers, and people who stutter.  These books can be viewed and checked-out in Room 114 at the Barkley Memorial Center and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln on the East Campus.  The building is located at approximately 43rd and Holdrege Streets.
The Adventures of Phil Carrot: The Forest of Discord
Michael Sugarman & Kim C. Swain
The Child Who Stutters: To the Family Physician
Barry Guitar & Edward G. Conture
The Child Who Stutters: To the Pediatrician
Barry Guitar & Edward G. Conture
Conquer Your Fears of Speaking Before People
John C. Harrison
Disorders of Fluency (Second Edition)
Dalton Hardcastle
A Handbook on Stuttering
Oliver Bloodstein
Knotted Tongues
Benson Bobrick
Living & Learning With a Child Who Stutters
Lise G. Cloutter-Steele
The Management of Stuttering in Adolescence
Lena Rustin & Frances Cook
The Neuropsychology of Developmental Stuttering
Bernard T. Hartman &  Rob Spence
Not Good at Talking
Tim Newark
Parents, Families, and the Stuttering Child
Lena Rustin
Self Help Workbook for People Who Stutter
Michael Sugarman
Stuttering: From Theory to Practice
Margaret Fawcus
Stuttering Prevented
William H. Perkins
Tangled Tongue
Jack Carlisle
ATaste of Freedom
Victoria Benson
To Say What is Ours
John Ahlback & Vickie Benson
Understanding and Controlling Stuttering
William Parry


From: Stuttering Foundation of America
Stuttering and Your Child:  A Video for Parents
Stuttering and Your Child: Help for Parents in Spanish La Tartamudez y Su Nino
1 - Adult Stuttering Therapy:  Diagnostic Interview
2 - Adult Stuttering Therapy:  Identification
3 - Adult Stuttering Therapy:  Desentsitization
4 - Adult Stuttering Therapy:  Variations
5 - Adult Stuttering Therapy:  Modifications-Cancellation
6 - Adult Stuttering Therapy:  Modification and Monitoring
7 - Adult Stuttering Therapy:  Stabilization
8 - Adult Stuttering Therapy:  One Year Later
Adult Stuttering Therapy:  Follow-Up
Do You Stutter?:  Straight Talk for Teens
If You Stutter:  Advice for Adults
School Age Child:  Working Effectively with Attitudes and Emotions
School Age Child:  Dealing Effectively with Guilt and Shame
The School Clinician:  Ways To Be More Effective
The Child Who Stutters:  Practical Advice
Making Sound Clinical Decisions
Counseling Parents of Children Who Stutter

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Stuttering: Straight Talk for Teachers: Stuttering: Straight Talk for Teachers
Stuttering: For Kids, By Kids:  Stuttering: For Kids, By Kids

Stuttering: Straight Talk for Teens
Stuttering and Your Child: Help for Parents
La Tartamudez y Su Nino (Stuttering and Your Child: Help for Parents in Spanish)
From: National Stuttering Association (formally NSP)
A Message for Teenagers
From: Speech Foundation of America
Prevention of Stuttering Part I:  Identifying the Danger Signs
Prevention of Stuttering Part II:  Family Counseling and the Elimination of the Problem
From: The Center for Compassion
Stuttering Is Not Funny
From: Erin Skinner and Ann McKeehan
Preventing Stuttering in the Preschool Child:  A Video Program for Adults 


Did You Know?...Fact Sheet About Stuttering
(Stuttering Foundation of America - SFA) Download the .pdf
To My Friends Who Stutterer: Some Considerations
(National Stuttering Association - NSA)
How to React When Speaking with Someone Who Stutterers (SFA)
If You Think Your Child Stutters (Pro-Ed)
If You think Your Child is Stuttering (SFA) Download the PDF. Si Usted Cree Que Su Niño Tartamudea— Spanish translation. Download the PDF
A Guide for Parents of Children Who Stutterer (NSA)
"Daddy to Make It Better?":  One Father's Reflection on His Son's Stuttering, by John Ahlbach
What the teacher Can Do to Help the Child Who Stutterers (NSA)
National Stuttering Awareness Week (SFA) ): 16 Famous People Who Stutter (formerly National Stuttering Awareness Week) 
ADHD and Stuttering brochure from the Stuttering Foundation of America: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Stuttering. Download the PDF.