Nutrition Science

Nutrition Science Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Majoring in Nutrition Science allows you to study an intense mix of biological and physical sciences as a basis for understanding the science of nutrition. It’s also an effective way to prepare for professional work in a variety of health and nutrition-related careers.

We offer two options in this program:

1. Nutrition Science Pre-professional - this is one way to be a “pre-med” major at UNL, for premedical, predental, nursing, physical therapy, and laboratory technology majors who may be able to obtain a degree in nutrition and simultaneously meet entrance requirements for a professional program.

2. Nutrition Science
This option will also prepare you to enter graduate programs in nutrition.


  • Medical physician
  • Physician's assistant
  • Dentist
  • Physical therapist
  • Chiropractor
  • Research technologist
  • Pharmacist

Application to this program

The admission requirements for pre-professional programs vary and may change from year to year. Admission to professional programs are competitive. You need to be aware of not only specific course requirements but also entrance exams, admission deadlines, research and volunteer opportunities, and other activities that enhance the application. Information on requirements and preparation for professional programs are available through UNL’s Exploratory and Pre-Professional Advising Center 127 Love (Library) South (402/472-3605.