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UNL Technology EDGE Mission

To create a generation of teachers who are effective and confident using new technologies to prepare the students of Nebraska to participate and lead in tomorrow’s global society. To view our weekly netcast about iPads in K-12 classrooms click here.


  1. To create a partnership between Nebraska school districts and Nebraska teacher education programs to improve student learning by informing teacher preparation students, university methods professors, and practicing teachers on effective use of new literacies and 21st century technologies in the classroom.
  2. To establish a blueprint for effective integration of technology into teaching and learning to empower students to meet educational standards and global challenges.
  3. To infuse current best practices and research to existing teachers as well as teacher preparation programs to improve student learning.

Next Technology Edge Conference

June 4, 2014:

8:30 am - 3:15pm
Location: Henzlik Hall

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Technology Edge is supported by a grant from the

Nebraska's Coordinating Commission for Post-Secondary Education