Our Mission

The mission of the Bullying Research Network (BRNET) is to serve as a virtual clearinghouse to support national and international research initiatives in effective bullying prevention and intervention. The central objective is to unite researchers in bullying prevention and intervention in order to further our understanding of the complex social ecology underlying bullying dynamics. BRNET members engage in web-based dialogue about cutting-edge methodologies and strategies, apply for extramural research grants and contracts; implement exemplary, evidence-based models in field settings; and disseminate this information to educators, students, and parents.

The primary goals of BRNET are:

1. To bring together nationally and internationally known researchers in the area of bullying prevention and intervention research.

2. To conduct interdisciplinary research related to bullying and aggression, with attention to links between basic and applied research.

3. To establish a national and international research network for advances in evidence-based prevention and intervention initiatives in bullying prevention and intervention efforts.

4. To provide a virtual clearinghouse for posting and discussing the latest issues in bullying research and bullying prevention and intervention efforts.

5. To close the gap between research and practice in bullying prevention and intervention by disseminating research findings through unique outlets (i.e., Education.com)

Drs. Susan Swearer (University of Nebraska – Lincoln) and Shelley Hymel (University of British Columbia) are the Co-Directors of BRNET.