Promoting Resilient Youth with Strong Hearts and Minds (PRYSHM) Project

The PRYSHM Project (Promoting Resilient Youth with Strong Hearts and Minds Project) seeks to develop and evaluate an online program for LGBTQ+ teens, ages 15 to 18. The program aims to help LGBTQ+ teens feel acceptance and pride in their LGBTQ+ identities, and to empower them to make healthy decisions consistent with their personal values, hopes and goals for the future.

The nine-session PRYSHM program is facilitated by LGBTQ+ adults in groups of about 10 LGBTQ+ teens. The program features discussions, resources, videos, games and other engaging and interactive activities. As part of this project, participants will provide feedback through surveys to identify how the program is working — and how to improve it.

Resources for LGBTQ+ teens

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For more information about the PRYSHM Project, please contact:

Katie Edwards

Katie M. Edwards

Principal Investigator