Student Advisory Board


The College of Education and Human Sciences Student Advisory Board (CEHS SAB) is a student organization that serves as a liaison between students and the college deans, faculty and staff. The role of this board is to provide the student perspective regarding curriculum, college climate and issues affecting students. CEHS SAB offers recommendations regarding courses, programs and curriculum within the various departments of the College. CEHS SAB’s primary responsibility is the establishment and improvement of faculty-student relations in CEHS. In addition, CEHS SAB maintains a relationship with the Association of Students at the University of Nebraska (ASUN).

Members meet twice monthly to prepare the student satisfaction survey, discuss issues or concerns within the college, determine effective communication venues for student concerns, and plan events to foster community within the College. Application for membership involves completing the application form and an interview with current members.

You can contact us at

2017-18 Officers

Samantha Marousek

Sarah Smithpresident

Katie Pankonin

Morgan Ryan
Vice President

Holly Hess

Christina Hamling Treasurer

Holly Hess

Nick Bohannon Secretary

Reese Hogue

Reese Hogue Public Relations Coordinator


Debra Mullen Associate Dean

Full Debra Mullen bio
Eric Einspahr Portrait Picture

Eric Einspahr Advisor

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