Equipment and services

The Biomedical and Obesity Research Core (BORC) is a service center providing equipment and services on a fee-for-service basis. you may click BORC services can leverage your research to briefly learn what BORC can do for you. 


BORC provides trainings to new users to operate the instruments and consultations for available services at BORC. New users may take online self-training  to be familiar with the instrument and services. New users are required to  schedule on-site personal training with our staff (Umidjon Iskandarov, Shuying Zhang, before operating the instruments. 

Instrument reservation and service requests

We use iLAB online system to manage BORC. New users need to register an account on iLAB and finish instrument/servie related training before using BORC instruments and services. Click How to Sign Up iLAB and Reserve Instruments to learn how to register accounts on iLAB  and reserve instruments as well as request services.

Working at BORC lab

Users are required to wear proper PPE while working at BORC lab. If you encounter any problems while operating instruments, please report to BORC staff and director as soon as possible. Users are always welcome to tell us their  concerns, advices and comments through online feedback and survey.  

Lab hours

The BORC laboratory is open Monday – Friday, from 9 am – 5 pm. Trained users may request access to BORC facility from BORC director ( with their NUID so they can access BORC after hours and on weekends.


BORC usually charges user fees monthly but may bill users any time after services provided as requested for custermers' convenience. You may find the rates here