Brooklyn Sumovich

Brooklyn SumovichElementary Education

My favorite part about UNL was the atmosphere, and how I was able to build long-lasting relationships with my peers and professors. Especially, in CEHS, I felt like I was able to get to know people quickly, and it made UNL truly feel like home.
After graduating from UNL I pursued a 2 1/2 year post graduate position as a full-time missionary working for an organization called LeaderTreks based out of the Chicagoland area. I facilitate mission and wilderness trips for church youth groups, with a focus on teaching leadership.
My passion for teaching only grew through my experience at UNL, and I feel like my college experience has prepared me for the role I am in now. Currently I am beginning to look for teaching jobs beginning in August, once I finish the 2 1/2 year program I am currently in. The experiences I had within schools placements provided by UNL, as well as the classes that I was in, have made me confident in my decision to pursue a full time elementary teaching position. Going to UNL was one of the best decisions I have made in my life thus far.
I would tell current and future student at UNL to focus on building strong relationship with the people who are going through your same program, as well as your professors. A shared experience is a great connector, and when you are looking back on your time, it’s great to have someone to reach out to or reminisce with about the experience that you had.
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