Byran Corkle
Year Awarded: 2012 O’Neill High School Science Teacher and Head Wrestling Coach

Bryan Corkle, the 2012 winner, is the science teacher and head wrestling coach at O’Neill High School in O’Neill Nebraska where he has taught since 2004. In the words of his superintendent, “Bryan is . . . highly creative in the classroom.” But he is also a man of principles. “When something is right it is right, and when it is wrong it is wrong,” she continued. “Punishing children, for the decisions of their parents when it comes to immigration, just doesn’t compute for Bryan.” When one of his students decided to walk from O’Neill to Lincoln to advocate for Nebraska’s Dream Act, Bryan was right behind him on the student’s support team. Bryan has also been an advocate for his students at school, pushing for a mentorship program that matches members of the staff with students who were struggling. Bryan Corkle inspires students in the classroom, as a coach, and in his community activities.
“Bryan is a wonderful teacher in every sense. He cares about his students. He encourages students to be involved... He has given them life lessons. He has taught them to stand up for what they believe.” DiAnna Schimek
State Senator