Current Research Projects

Researchers at the ACFW conduct many studies with students, parents, teachers and other service professionals throughout Nebraska, western Iowa, and the nation. We conduct a wide variety of studies, including pilot studies, interviews, focus groups, literature reviews and secondary analyses of national data sets. We are highlighting a few of our current randomized control studies and intervention development work.

On The Way Homeafter-care services for youth leaving residential care

Parent Connectorsparent-to-parent support for families of middle school students with an IEP for emotional or behavioral needs

Nebraska Family Studyin-home family support for families with children with emotional or behavioral challenges

Health Literacyintervention development of program to help high school youth with high-incidence disabilities to improve their health literacy functioning


Below are some links to resources frequently used by families in the greater eastern Nebraska region.

Nebraska Family Helpline

Boys Town National Hotline

Family Resource Guide for services in the Omaha area

Community Resources Greater Omaha

Center for People in Need's Complete Guide to Human Resource Services In Lincoln