Anusha Thomas Ph.D., Communication Disorders, 2013

Visiting Scholar, Speech Disorders and Technology Lab, University of Texas-Dallas
I grew up in the Middle East (Bahrain) and did my bachelor's and masters in Manipal University, India. Working in a hospital setup and being part of outreach programs made me realize there is a need for better technology for measuring speech movements in the field of Communication Disorders. I was interested in the research done by Dr. Jordan Green, a former faculty at SECD and thus, applied for the doctoral program. The Barkley Trust scholarship funded my tuition and stipend for four years of my program. And CEHS funded a visit to the American Speech and Hearing conference for my paper presentation. I completed my dissertation project advised by Dr. Tiffany Hogan in 2013. Currently I continue my involvement in research projects with Dr. Jun Wang, a UNL Alumni in the Speech Disorders and Technology Lab in Texas.

Anusha Thomas