JLynn Hausmann

JLynn Hausmann B.S., Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design, 2004

president and owner of JHaus
JLynn Hausmann is president and owner of JHaus, an American-made premium denim collection, manufactured in downtown Los Angeles. Responsible for the creative direction of the brand - and also managing budgets, sales goals, production, quality control and overseeing the PR/marketing plan - Hausmann is gaining momentum. Her progressive style is drawing critical acclaim; she was named a 2013 Zappos Emerging Designer. Raised on a farm and ranch, Hausmann lives with a less-is-more mentality, evident in the fact that she eschews traditional denim embellishments while achieving beauty with tough, strong and basic fabrics. She studied in London and Paris in 2003 before graduating from UNL. She has since obtained a master's degree in business administration in Arizona.

JLynn Hausmann portrait photo
JLynn Hausmann