Ambassadors and Delegates

The ambassadors and delegates are groups of student leaders who are strong academically, socially and culturally. They work with the Director of Recruitment to welcome, inform and recruit prospective students from all over the country. They also facilitate community service projects throughout the year.

Ambassador/Delegates also serve as student leaders and work with the Dean of the College of Education and Human Sciences (CEHS) and the CEHS Advisory Board to share student perspectives on important issues. If you are an incoming freshman, you may apply to be a Delegate. Current CEHS students can apply to be Ambassadors.

Join Us!

We are looking for a few GREAT student leaders to join us! If you are interested in becoming a CEHS Ambassador, click on the link to the right to start your application.

CEHS Ambassadors: The CEHS Ambassador program is a leadership development organization that assists in enhancing the lives of incoming and current students. The CEHS Ambassadors are current students who assist in developing awareness of the college's programs and activities through meeting with prospective students and their families, talking with campus visitors, greeting alumni and occasionally speaking to the general public.

CEHS Delegates: All new ambassadors complete a semester long experience as an Ambassador “Delegate”. This includes both incoming students who are new to the program, as well as current students interested in becoming an ambassador. The Delegate semester is intended to give incoming ambassadors a semester to explore their options within the program, and to be adequately trained on the role of an ambassador.

Contact Us

For more information about the Ambassadors or Delegates, you may contact our Director of Recruitment.

Ben Bannon Director of Recruitment