Casey Gossman

Casey Gossman

Elementary Education/Mild-Moderate Disabilities (K-6)

Naperville, IL

Involvements while on Campus (Clubs, Activities, Study Abroad, etc):
Greek life, Order of Omega, Golden Key Association, Sigma Alpha Lambda, ACLU, volunteerfor Autism Speaks, CEHS Ambassador, City Impact Reading Tutor, mission trips to India andHaiti.

CEHS Ambassador impact on college experience and career:
Being an ambassador was a wonderful experience. It was great for networking as well as makingnew friends not just in your own specific college but in other colleges as well. The ambassadorprogram fostered my leadership skills and helped me grow in confidence as a leader. It helpedme stay organized and professional when working closely with prospective students and theirfamilies as well as important figures at the university.

Plans after graduation:
I hope to teach special education in a large urban area, after I travel the world of course.Answer this question: What are you looking forward to most after graduation: Traveling theworld, having my own classroom and being on a salary.
Answer this question: The BEST thing about being a Husker is: becoming a part of somethingthat is not just for four years but for a lifetime.