Emily White

Emily White

Speech-Language Pathology/Education

Hanover, Kansas

I was a College of Education and Human Sciences ambassador for 4 years.
I also was involved in the Undergraduate Creative and Research Experiences Program for2 years. My research was in the area of academic issues for individuals with disabilities.In addition to conducting my own research, I worked as an Undergraduate ResearchAssistant in Dr. Cynthia Cress’ Infant Communication Lab. In this lab, I administeredassessments to infants in their homes. In addition to working two jobs, I also volunteeredwith an adult that has speech and language difficulties. I worked as an UndergraduateHonors Clinician at Barkley Memorial Center. I was a member of the National StudentSpeech-Language Hearing Association-UNL chapter for four years.

CEHS Ambassador Impact:
When I first came to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, I
was a reserved person and being involved in CEHS Ambassadors has allowed me tobecome more self-confident. This program has taught me how to relate with others, nomatter their background and how to be a leader. The leadership skills that I have obtainedthrough this program will enable me to advocate for clients and their families. Thisprogram will enable me to relate to anyone who walks through my door as a SpeechTherapist. My classes have taught me the knowledge that I will need to have as a SpeechTherapist, but CEHS ambassadors has truly taught me how to relate with others.

Plans after graduation:
I am most looking forward to attending Graduate School after graduation.

The best thing about being a HUSKER is:
The resources/opportunities offered here have allowed my dreams to come true! Theresearch opportunities here have allowed me to discover my ultimate career goal: Toreceive my doctoral degree in Speech-Language Pathology. Studying in Australia hasbeen my dream since I was in high school. The Education Abroad opportunities offeredhave allowed me to study Speech-Language Pathology in Australia! Last, but not least, ILOVE Husker football!