Lisa King Project Associate, Great Plains IDEA Campus Coordinator

BS, Human Development/Elementary Education, University of Nebraska–Lincoln, 1976

I am a graduate of University of Nebraska-Lincoln in Elementary Ed/Human Dev and the Family. I am back in the department I graduated from. I have worked with Great Plains IDEA for 22 years, and I currently coordinate Family Financial Planning; Youth Development, Family, and Community Services; Family and Consumer Science Education; and Community Development. I also work with on-campus MS and PhD students. What I like most about being a coordinator is helping students figure out a solution, whatever it may be. I feel I am student-centered. I likely have seen several of you at past Great Plains IDEA conferences in Kansas City, and now our paths are crossing again. If anyone wants/needs more details, come see me at 330E Carolyn Pope Edwards Hall.

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Professional Highlights

Honors and Recognition
Rose Frolik Award, 2012Certified Education Office Employee Award, 2011Oldt Silver Pen, 2010CEHS Staff Award, 2009
Present, Staff Assistant, Department of Child, Youth and Families, College of Education and Human Sciences, University of Nebraska–Lincoln
University of Nebraska Office Professionals Association