Congratulations to our May 2020 graduates of the College of Education and Human Sciences. While we’re not able to be together in-person to celebrate your achievements, we share in your excitement, and we are so proud of the strong dedication and commitment you have demonstrated to reach this milestone in your educational journey. We cheer you on today and into the future as a Husker graduate. Go Big Grad!

To: May 2020 CEHS Graduates From: Haley Apel

Congratulations graduates of the College of Education and Human Sciences! I've enjoyed getting to know you and learn about your passions. Never stop sharing that passion with others! I'm looking forward to hearing about the wonderful things you do next. Go Big Grad!

To: May 2020 CEHS Graduates From: Tylee Hanson

Congratulations on all your accomplishments! Go Big Grad!

To: May 2020 CEHS Graduates From: Sherri Jones

Congratulations graduates. I am proud of your accomplishments and excited for your future. You will make a difference wherever you go. Go Big Grads!

To: May 2020 CEHS Graduates From: Cynthia Cress

We're proud of you and the work that you have put into your classes and experiences here at UNL! You have shown resilience and creativity in responding to the situations this semester, and that will be excellent preparation for continuing to be resilient in problem solving situations that will arise in your careers. You're ready for the challenges and joys that await you as you move forward!

To: May 2020 CEHS Graduates From: Angela Dietsch

You have brought new meaning to the concept of Husker grit, and have so much to celebrate. Best wishes on the new adventures that await you as UNL alumni!

To: 2020 CEHS & EDAD Graduates From: Nick Pace

Congrats and thank you for all you’ve put into this accomplishment. Let life be your teacher. Be well.

To: 2020 Grads From: The Department of Educational Administration

We’re proud of the work that has brought you to this point and excited about the impact you’ll make in your communities—wherever they may be! Keep in Touch, Lead Big Red, and Go Big Grad!

To: May 2020 CEHS Graduates From: Lyvia Osterstock

Congratulations to all my fellow graduates!! We have made it so far under such strange circumstances and we will continue to change the world!! GBR❤️

To: Hospitality Management Graduates From: Professor Shannon Rowen

Congratulations to you! We will be cheering for you on Saturday and in the future. Best wishes!

To: All UNL graduates From: Amy Willman

Congratulations on your graduation and best wishes for your next adventure!

To: May 2020 CEHS Graduates From: Sheree Moser

Congratulations to all of the graduates in the College of Education and Human Sciences, and my Family & Consumer Sciences education majors. Go forth and do great things! We are so fortunate to be able to teach you and guide you in your talents and career goals. We wish you the best of health, happiness, love, and lots of luck! GBR!!!

To: Sam Barnes & Bryn McQuistion From: AnnMarie Gottner

Congratulations on this amazing accomplishment. The Advising Center is so lucky that you worked with us as part of our team for the past few years. We are going to miss you both so much and are so proud of your accomplishments! We LOVE our Student Workers!

To: Alyssa Mettler From: Shyla

I am so proud of you! You brighten my day every day and i’m so excited to see your hard work pay off!

To: May 2020 CEHS Graduates From: Jean Ann Fischer

Celebrate your accomplishment! Your achievements are inspiring and you will contribute to our workforce, our education, our new discoveries, tackling issues, and improving our health and well-being of the individuals and the communities you live and work. Congratulations!!

To: May 2020 TMFD Graduates From: Jennifer Johnson Jorgensen

Congratulations to all of the Department of Textiles, Merchandising & Fashion Design graduates. Our industry is always in need of innovative problem-solvers, and you've all proven that you possess those qualities. Best of luck in all of your future endeavors!

To: Natacha Akaliza, Kaylen Anderson, Natalie Bruno, Katelyn Domsch, Jessica Engler, Kelsey Evans, Destiny Jones, Teadrana Knox, Travis Mallory, Kristin Mapson, Ashley McDew, Julia Messineo, Madeline Murray, Mason Podany, Tiana Reinke, Sierra Rivers, Carly Sellek, Lizzy Sousek, Abby Stauffer, Courtney Wills, Regan Zanardi From: Julia Torquati

Congratulations and best wishes!

To: Drs. Briscoe, Diehl, Fullerton, Young, Oates, Hernandez, and Medina From: Deryl Hatch-Tocaimaza

Congratulations to all CEHS graduates. And special congratulations to seven individuals for whom I had the distinct pleasure of directing their successful dissertations this semester. Nothing will replace not being able to celebrate in person. But likewise nothing can detract from the honor it has been to work alongside you and learn from you. Thank you for all you do to ensure excellence as educators and to foster equity in your institutions and communities. Welcome to the academy and heartfelt wishes for success and joy in all your endeavors.

To: Nutrition and Health Sciences Graduates From: Linda Young

Congratulations on your graduation. Take pride in what you have already accomplished and enjoy the anticipation and excitement in what the future will bring. Wishing for all of you a professional career filled with accomplishments and proud moments.

To: CEHS May 2020 Graduates From: Ben Bannon

To all graduating students - Congratulations on such a wonderful accomplishment! All of your hard work, time, and dedication has paid off!! Best of luck with your future plans and keep in touch with us in CEHS!!!!!