Kristen Andersen

Kristen Andersen

Nutrition, Exercise, and Health Sciences

Adams, NE

CEHS Ambassadors, Reformed University Fellowship Campus Ministry,
Anatomy Lab Intern/TA

CEHS Ambassador Impact:
Being a CEHS Ambassador has helped me to develop and grow in
my leadership skills and taking initiative in planning and getting events/programs done. It hasalso helped me learn how to work with many different types of people, those who are motivated,those who aren't so motivated, and many others. It has shown me that I can take the lead and thatI can plan and implement events (mainly socials and getting people to help with Red LetterDays). I've been able to work with some many people that have made a lasting impact on me.

Plans after graduation:
Attend graduate school to become an Occupational Therapist.

What are you looking forward to most after graduation
new opportunities

The best thing about being a HUSKER is:
the support of all the professors and faculty in going
for your dream and the family you will always be a part of even after you graduate.