Lena Buckner

Lena Buckner

Elementary Education

Lincoln, NE

Involvement on Campus:
Cornhusker marching band-baritone
Big red express pep band-baritone
Ambassadors for CEHS
Involved in Greek life- sorority

I enjoy playing the baritone.
I like to spend time with my friends and family.
I like to go bowling with my family every weekend.
I love watching cute animal videos.
I love eating ice cream.

Why you came to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln:
I came to UNL because my parents went to school here. It is a great university that was an in state option for me. UNL has a great Education program and that is what I wanted to major in. UNL also has the Cornhusker marching band, which both my parents were members of, and I wanted to be involved with that too! It is close to home, and gives me a nice break from my parents when I need it!

Favorite thing about being a CEHS Ambassador:
My favorite thing about being a CEHS ambassador is meeting the prospective students during a campus visit or red letter day. I enjoy being apart of the transition to college and answering any questions those students may have about UNL and CEHS.

Advice to prospective students:
Some advice I would give to prospective students would be to invest in a quality planner and get organized right away during the semester. You will really thank yourself throughout the semester if you have a place to write down events and due dates for all your classes, especially if you plan on getting involved. Which brings me to another tip, get involved! This is how you meet people and make those