N150 Alumni Stories

On February 15, 1869, the University of Nebraska was established under the Morrill Act by the Nebraska Legislature "to afford to the inhabitants of this State, the means of acquiring a thorough knowledge of the various branches of literature, science and the arts." Since that day, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) has made history. UNL opened its doors to students on September 6, 1871. Home economics began as a domestic science course taught by Rosa Bouton through the Department of Chemistry in 1898. The Department of Home Economics was established within the Industrial College in 1906, and was moved to the College of Agriculture in 1909. In 1962, home economics became a School of Home Economics, and then was recognized as the College of Home Economics in 1970. The college name was later changed to the College of Human Resources and Family Sciences. In 1908, the Teachers College was established. In 2003, the College of Human Resources and Family Sciences and the Teachers College joined together to create the College of Education and Human Sciences.

CEHS is now home to seven departments including: Child, Youth and Family Studies; Educational Administration; Educational Psychology; Nutrition and Health Sciences; Special Education and Communication Disorders; Teaching, Learning, and Teacher Education; and Textiles, Merchandising, and Fashion Design. There have been many graduates in the long history of CEHS. For our part in the N150 celebration, we have asked our alumni to tell their stories. Travel through the decades, from the 1950s through today, and learn about our alumni, what they learned during their time at UNL, and their life following graduation.