CEHS Message of Support

Teacher's College Hall

CEHS Message of Support

31 Aug 2021    

CEHS is a 

Caring community of 

Empathetic educators who 

Hear with open hearts and will

Stand with and support YOU


Events of the past few weeks continue to bring to light the ongoing impact of unresolved crises our campus has been dealing with for some time. Members of the CEHS and campus community are facing real and ongoing challenges. While the process of achieving justice for all may seem long and uncertain, as members of the College of Education and Human Sciences, we want to offer our heartfelt support to individuals affected by and addressing these challenges.

CEHS strives to be a Caring community. We’re called the “people’s college” for a reason. Caring for people and supporting each other is at the core of what we do. As a college, we are dedicated to enhancing lives and strengthening relationships. We work together to address social justice and other complex issues facing individuals, families, schools and communities.

We are Empathetic educators working to create positive environments for lifelong learning. We recognize that our greatest opportunities to teach and learn well are often found in listening. In good times and bad, we strive to Hear with open hearts. We have heard the fear, frustration, pain, and exhaustion that some of our students, colleagues, and neighbors are dealing with in the face of violence, financial hardship, and injustice across society. 

To those who are hurting and to those who are working toward a future of justice and nonviolence, know that we Stand with and support YOU today, tomorrow and however long it takes to achieve a safe and inclusive culture in which each of us can learn, thrive and achieve our full potential.

College of Education and Human Sciences