Dalla to Found First Quarterly Journal on Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking

Dalla to Found First Quarterly Journal on Human Trafficking

26 Nov 2013    

It's everywhere – provided you know where to find it.

Years of research have taught CYFS faculty affiliate Rochelle Dalla, department of Child, Youth, and Family Studies, that the lesson applies both to the shadowy practice of human trafficking and the scattered information surrounding it.

Dalla will aim to assemble research and foster discourse on the issue by founding the recently approved Journal of Human Trafficking, which she cited as the first of its kind.

"It will be, as far as I know, the only quarterly journal in the world devoted just to trafficking," said Dalla, associate professor of child, youth and family studies at UNL.

Published by Routledge, the peer-reviewed journal will release its first issue in early 2015.

"I really want this to become a centralized place of dissemination for people to go for the latest, cutting-edge information related to trafficking," said Dalla, who will serve as editor-in-chief of the journal. "In that respect, I would expect the impact to be a better understanding of what's happening out there in terms of research and programming."

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