Teacher Scholars Begin at UNL!

Teacher Scholars Begin at UNL!

11 Sep 2019    

The inaugural cohort of the UNL Teacher Scholars Academy is officially underway! The Scholars moved-in to their residence hall and immediately started engaging in dialogue around topics such as community, purpose, ownership, and teamwork. This past weekend, the Scholars also participated in a challenge course through Campus Recreation where they learned to challenge themselves and rely on the support of their peers.

This semester, the Scholars meet every week for their seminar course associated with their scholarship. During the seminar, Scholars explore themes around purpose, ownership, wellbeing, engagement, and relationship (POWER), along with other team building activities. Additionally, Scholars will participate in about 20 hours of service in the Lincoln community. Over the summer, the Scholars read The Middle of Everywhere by Mary Pipher in order to better understand the diverse communities within Lincoln. On October 29th, Jen McNally, mental health coordinator for ESU 5 will present a guest lecture hosted by the Teacher Scholars, open to CEHS and the UNL community in the Nebraska Union.

Faculty and Staff are also invited to join for informal lunch or coffee with the Scholars. Please email your availability to bforeman@unl.edu if you would like to engage with the Scholars for some fun conversation!

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