UNL Teacher Scholars learn wellbeing strategies for long-term teaching success

UNL Teacher Scholars learn wellbeing strategies for long-term teaching success

31 Oct 2019    

Jen McNally, mental health coordinator and psychotherapist based out of ESU 5, presented to the UNL community hosted by the Teacher Scholars Academy about her work surrounding mental wellbeing as it relates to educational institutions. McNally travels the state of Nebraska working with administrators and teachers to develop self-care strategies in order to decrease early exists from the profession of teaching. Additionally, McNally focuses on the importance of changing cultures within schools to address teachers’ mental wellbeing. The presentation titled, When Coffee Isn’t Enough: Strategies for Self-Care and Empowerment, explored the concept of neuroplasticity and how to create daily habits that contribute to a positive self-concept and daily habits. In the discussion, participants learned ten different techniques to use in order to develop a productive mindset. 

McNally will be collaborating with UNL Faculty members to conduct research on the impact of McNally’s work on mental wellbeing throughout Nebraska. Additionally, McNally will continue to work closely with the Teacher Scholars Academy on mental wellbeing as it relates to the college experience and teacher preparation programs. Wellbeing is one of five learning goals for the Teacher Scholars Academy in an attempt to decrease early exits from the profession. Scholars have also worked with UNL Big Red Resilience and Wellbeing for continued success. 

For more information on Jen McNally and the collaboration with the Teacher Scholars Academy, view the article written by the Daily Nebraskan, published on October 28th, 2019: http://www.dailynebraskan.com/news/mental-health-and-self-care-presentation-to-teach-educational-strategies/article_57f49c8e-f91c-11e9-98ab-2f32beae72ed.html 

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