We stand against anti-Asian violence

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We stand against anti-Asian violence

19 Mar 2021    

We write today to share our grief and outrage over the loss of the eight people killed in Atlanta on March 16. Early reports indicate that individuals were targeted by the attacker based on their race and gender.  And although motive is still being investigated, six of those murdered were of Asian descent and seven were women. We condemn the apparent extremism behind the attack including hatred, anti-Asian discrimination, misogyny, and White supremacy. As a college, CEHS stands unequivocally against this type of violence and expressions of hatred. This latest tragedy highlights an escalating pattern of anti-Asian hate crimes over the past year.  

As we have stood together to face the three crises affecting our campus over the past year—the coronavirus pandemic, the state budget crisis, and the racial justice crisis—we have seen and felt the power of our solidarity. We recognize that when we come together and speak with one voice, our compassion is strengthened, and our moral outrage becomes fortifying. Many, however, have used the pandemic as one more vehicle for fomenting racist, sexist, anti-Asian sentiment and as a cover for enacting violence against people based on their perceived identities. We believe that there is never justification for such violence. There is no truth to any narrative that blames a particular group or country for COVID-19 or any of its variants. We urge you to speak up and voice the facts if you hear these racist claims. 

As a College of Education and Human Sciences we are here to support you.  If you experience or witness any incidents of harassment or discrimination, we encourage you to utilize the following services.  

  1. Make a report to the Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance at UNL.  This office will investigate any report and take appropriate steps including sharing information about campus and community support services.
  2. Call NUPD:  If you ever feel that your safety is threatened, or have been assaulted in any way, please reach out to the UNL Police Department.  They can be reached at: (402) 472-2222.
  3. For emotional support we encourage you to reach out to the Center for Advocacy, Response & Education (CARE) at or (402) 472-3553. This is a confidential supportive resource for victims/survivors of interpersonal violence and other crimes.
  4. Asian Community & Cultural Center: This Lincoln organization serves all refugees and immigrants, and advances the sharing of Asian culture and other cultural heritages of our clients with the community at large.  
  5. The Jackie Gaughan Multicultural Center.  We encourage you to reach out to Charlie Foster, the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Inclusive Student Excellence, for support services offered there.
  6. For mental health resources at UNL and in the College please reach out to:
    1. Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) 
    2. Counseling and School Psychology Clinic
    3. Couple and Family Clinic 

For those interested in linking the recent anti-Asian violence to our anti-racism journey, check out these resources for a broader perspective.





John Raible      

Associate Dean for Diversity Equity and Inclusion


Paul Springer

Associate Dean for Student Success


Soo-Young Hong

Associate Dean for Academic Programs


Sue Sheridan

Associate Dean for Research and Creative Activity


Dori Smidt

Assistant Dean for Business Operations


Jean Ann Fischer

Extension Liaison


Sherri Jones


College of Education and Human Sciences