Nick Bohannon

Nick Bohannon

Nutrition & Health Sciences – Minors in Psychology & Chemistry

Tekamah, NE

Involvement on Campus:
CEHS Student Advisory Board
UNL Pepsi Service Scholars Program
University Honors Program
UNL Pre-Health Club
Nebraska State 4-H Office Assistant

Attending Husker sporting events
Target shooting
Going out to eat with friends
Watching Parks & Recreation on Netflix

Why you came to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln:
I chose UNL for my undergraduate degree because it feels like home. Coming from a small town to Lincoln can be a bit of a shock, but there are parts that remind me of home. I also selected UNL because of its many undergraduate research opportunities. Other schools I applied to didn’t have those opportunities and I felt that this was an important factor in my decision.

Favorite thing about being a CEHS Ambassador:
Being an ambassador gives you a chance to get involved on campus and share your story to prospective students. My favorite part is getting to tell someone else about my experiences at UNL and encouraging them to start the next chapter of their life in Lincoln.

Advice to prospective students:
Whatever you do, don’t sign up for 8:00a.m. classes. You don’t want to be there, the professor doesn’t want to be there; it’s a lose-lose. 9:00 or 9:30a.m. is the ideal start time!