Tristen Sharp

Tristen Sharp

Secondary Special Education

Dakota City, Nebraska
Favorite Color: 
Favorite Food: 

Involvements while on Campus (Clubs, Activities, Study Abroad, etc): 
I have been involved with Athlete to Athlete Mentoring (A2A) and Husker Heroes.


What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?
In my free time I take full advantage of watching movies (preferably the Batman Trilogy) and napping.


Best thing about being a CEHS Ambassador:
The best thing about being a CEHS Ambassador is getting to know other people in my college that I would not have met otherwise. The second best thing about being a CEHS Ambassador is getting to talk to potential students at Red Letter Days.


Why did you choose to be a CEHS Ambassador?
I chose to become a CEHS Ambassador because I knew that I wanted to help prospective students in their search of a University and college to attend. I loved the idea of helping someone find their home here at UNL like I did as a high schooler.


Why did you choose to attend the University of Nebraska-Lincoln? 
The University of Nebraska- Lincoln was always my number one choice because of the atmosphere on campus. I fell in love with campus when I went to my first football game at the age of eight. Every year I could not wait for football season to come around because I knew I would be able to see all the beautiful buildings and watch the Cornhuskers.


If you could be any animal, what would it be and why?
If I could be any animal I would be a Panda because they are always so relaxed and are extremely adorable. Pandas know how to live, eat bamboo and lay around all day.


Advice to Prospective Students:
Before making any final decisions on what college you would like to go to I would strongly suggest to go on at least three college visits! These visits will help you get a feel for what the campus is like.

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