UNL Campus and the city of Lincoln

New is Now in Lincoln

Opportunities for teaching and research are expanding in Lincoln, a community poised for continued growth:

Steady population increases to more than 250,000 residents

Big Ten university with a dynamic mix of education and human science programs

130 miles of biking, running and commuting trails

More parkland per capita than Austin, Portland and all but a handful of U.S. cities

New is now

Lincoln voted for bigger concerts and events, and now the Pinnacle Bank Arena is here.

Around it, the Historic Haymarket has expanded from being a hotspot to buzzing entertainment district. More restaurants. More options. More fun. What remains the same is the short walk from campus.

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Where does Lincoln rank?

No. 1

Happiest and Healthiest city in Gallups' annual well-being index

No. 6

Best place for business and careers in a Forbes ranking

No. 6

Top small metro areas in the American Institute for Economic Research's College Destinations Index

No. 6

Favorite gameday spot in USA Today's Travel's readers' choice ranking