Wylicia Dorsey

Wylicia Dorsey

Elementary Education

Omaha, NE

Graduating December 2017

Left the Ambassador program to focus on Young & Unashamed, which is a student organization that I founded. 

What are your post-graduation plans
Teaching somewhere, maybe Houston, Texas

Involvements on the UNL Campus
Institute of Excellence Mentor, Co-Founder of Young & Unashamed, CEHS Ambassador (5 semesters)

What impact did being a CEHS Student Ambassador have on your current endeavors?
Building leadership skills, working with current UNL students and growing realtionships with faculty and staff. 

What was/is the best thing about being a Husker?
The loving environment. On game day it's almost as being one big family, cheering for the same team. Also the staff and UNL is very knowledgeable and lead to me great opportunities within college.